In Bible Study, we are taught to pray back God’s Word to Him. He wants us to personalize God's Word. He wants us to own His promises. As parents, we are the head of our family and we have the authority to pray for our children for protection under the feathers of God’s wings. (See … Continue reading PERSONALIZE GOD’S WORD


PROTECTION Our children need protection and freedom through the Word. 2017 is now behind us, and we are entering 2018 with plans for the year. Our children are continuing to grow, interact with others and explore the world around them. Children, tweens, and young adults are trying to figure out their lives and will do … Continue reading PROTECTION, FREEDOM, THE WORD

2018, Don’t Resolve, Do!

Today is the 5th day of the (2018) New Year. Some have made annual resolutions, most quickly fade away. They are promises we make to ourselves that we generally compromise because they take work and commitment. Our children and youth cannot afford our lack of consistency. This year, let’s vow to build up our children’s … Continue reading 2018, Don’t Resolve, Do!