My name is Lisa Blair. I am a Christian, a parent of three grown sons, a grandmother and a wife. I am the owner of YoungChristianWarriors.com. As an educator, leader and Bible Study teacher, I found that our children are not prepared to claim victory in this world. As a Christian parent, I, like so many, taught our children the Bible stories. They could recite the stories, tell you who the characters were and a summary of the stories. They were not taught in Sunday School or at home how to apply the tools God provides throughout the Bible. We tend to learn that the stories are more than stories as we get older and mature in the Word of God.

Our children enter kindergarten when they are five or six years old to begin ongoing training for adulthood,  yet we do not simultaneously teach our children the spiritual tools they need to fight the battles all Christians face throughout our lives. As a former Principal of a school in a disadvantaged community in Northern California, I found that most of the students attended Sunday School or parents said they lived in Christian homes. However, I found that the children knew nothing of spiritual battles or how to protect themselves from the onslaught of evil. , Many of the students were already defeated by their circumstances. As a Sunday School teacher in a middle-class, diverse neighborhood in Lawrence, Kansas, I also found that the children and young people did not possess the tools to protect themselves against the onslaught of the enemy. The truth is, our youth are not prepared to claim victory over the wiles of the enemy. School clicks, social media posts, and tweets, television, and movies have created an environment ripe for destruction. The evil one uses people as his foot soldiers. The Holy Spirit provides the armor and God the Word to counter the strategies of the evil one.

My experiences as an educator and teacher have provided the skills necessary to create this site. During prayer a few weeks ago, I was praying for our young people, and God gave me a nudge and a word.

Our children are not protected and are soon to be the warriors in the Revelation battles. They will hear the word, but will not discern if it is Me. They will not have the armor I have provided in the Bible to protect them. I want you to write a blog for parents to teach their children how to use and embody my words and ready them for war.

In obedience to God, I am hosting this blog. I hope you will take the lessons to heart and prepare your children to become empowered Christian leaders. Leadership training begins early in life. Our youth need to possess the tools to say “no” to all of the tricks and traps of the time. The Word provides them with protection from the onslaught of social media and a sinful world. They need to demonstrate Gods will and Gods way in their daily life. The characteristics of Christ are their tools, and they need to know how to use them in their walk, they need to become Young Christian Warriors.

I welcome all parents, guardians, and leaders to join me. Let’s create an army of leaders to train up our children and young people. Today is the day the Lord has made. Let’s make the best of it and strengthen our young people in the Word of God.