Because He’s God and God Alone

My Lord is with me wherever I go, doing whatever I’m doing. He is ever-present! He lives in me. I am His temple and yes, He dwells in me.

This means when I am doing God’s will – being humble, honest, trustworthy, respectful, kind, faithful, gentle, joyful, patient, at peace, and demonstrate self-control (Galatians 5:22,23), He’s with me.

It also means when I am selfish, unkind, judgmental, impatient, chaotic, self-indulgent, jealous, intoxicated (by life or substance), immoral, and hateful, He is with me.

Knowing  He is God, and God Alone, causes me to pause before opening my mouth, and before taking action, to think which of these traits (the Fruit of the Spirit) am I demonstrating. Are they Christ’s traits or that of the evil one. If by chance, my actions fall under the latter list, I repent and note that I must be more alert, praying not to repeat that negative trait again, and reduce its frequency until it no longer has a life. It’s a lifelong process.

God wants us all to be saved and someday join Him in Heaven. He has the time to guide us and mold us in His likeness. Our role is to take time to build our relationship with Him and become more Christlike.

The Name of this site is Young Christian Warriors and while it was initially focusing on Christian youth, it occurred to me while writing this Post that it is not about our youth in its entirety, it is about growing as Christians. We are all on the walk, some are new Christians, some know the Word but do not necessarily know how to apply it in our daily lives and others receive a new perspective or reminder.

Our walk with God is forever evolving and maturing.

Read other posts about the Fruit of the Spirit in the Archives, September 2017. Remember, the lessons are for adults as well as children. Everyone needs mentoring in their Walk. We are all one family in Christ.


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